Carpet cleaning...

We know...

If you are like most people carpet cleaning never seems to be a priority on the list of things that need done until its a must. We understand and can help you out and maybe set your mind at ease with not only processes we use, but also cost. Lots of companies promise this and promise that, but most do not deliver. In fact how many horror stories have you heard about negative experiences? Have you had a negative experience? Most of the time the most common things we hear are:

  • company left my carpets soaked
  • stains returned or never came out
  • smell never came out or returned

There are many common misconceptions about carpet care and there are many untrained professionals doing work with minimal training, but advertised on a mass scale as being professional. 

Its easy and affordable when you leave it to Above All Janitorial.

We are proud to be the first in Greenville, Ohio to offer VLM with exclusive chemicals and compounds that no other professional in Darke County uses. Our process will never leave your carpets soaked. Our process will never push stains into your padding, only to return later. In fact, our process uses very little, and we mean little, water. Only minimal that will air dry in minutes. Our process doesn't require several feet of hoses and machinery strung all through your home or business, leaving doors open to accommodate this. This process has been around for years but chemicals have made huge strides. The chemicals we use are not readily available to just anyone, they were researched and picked by us because they were the best we have found. Let our investment make you a believer in just how easy and well this process works by giving us a call or send us a quick e mail. We will even question you and gauge your carpet cleaning plan to tailor fit you and give you reminders when you may be ready for your next cleaning. Remember... You can't wear the same shirt for years then clean it and expect new results, so yearly maintenance is a must if you want it to remain looking and smelling fresh.

Of course we still offer TRUE steam extraction for the extra tough and dirty carpets. We say 'TRUE" because many companies just come in and shoot hot water into you carpet then extract it. Our steam process uses a small mount of water super heated into a fine steam that will not bury stains and smells further into your carpet or worse, into the padding under it. 

We will let you know, upon visual inspection, if you require steam but most do not. Our VLM compounds are that good, PERIOD. 

All of our VLM Products are environmental and pet friendly as well! 

Call or e mail us today for a quick and easy quote.

We are also price matching so what do you have to lose?