Commercial Cleaning Services

What exactly are you paying for?

Call any franchise owned janitorial service and see what kind of quote you receive. 

  •  Do they ask what YOU want done? 
  •  Do they tell you what they do? 
  •  Do they use key words such as "spot mop", "visual", "detail cleaning"? 

A lot of companies offer cheap prices because they offer good service once a week or once a month. Our services are the same every time we are in your facility, regardless of the condition. Most companies come and see the size of the facility and guess how long it will take an employee or employees to change the trash and check the bathrooms. In fact that is the main reason most companies are fooled into getting the cheapest service quote they are handed. You get what you pay for, especially in todays economy. Let us assure you, we have all been in facilities that look as though they were never taken care of by a janitorial service and that is exactly what a new facility serviced for years by a "short cut" company will look like. The pictures throughout this website are actual clients buildings. We never use "stock" photography and don't have any problems showing you our work. We have clients that have erected new facilities that still look and smell new because we have been there since day one. 

 A typical janitorial quote from Above All Janitorial will always be complete and include:

  • sanitize inside and outside of toilets
  • sanitize bathrooms and sinks
  • clean all glass
  • mop all tile
  • vacuum all carpet
  • wipe hand prints from walls
  • high and low dusting
  • trash removal to collection point

It will be itemized for you to understand easily, room by room so you know exactly what is included at the time of the quote. 

What the competition doesn't want you to know...


Are you getting what you pay for?

 Most janitorial services make a lot of empty promises. They come in and do a "knock out" job at first then slack off when they think you won't notice. Even worse, they may bring in new crews and use your facility as a training camp for "newbies". You would be surprised to find out just what goes on in your facility when nobody is there. We have heard from numerous clients about young, inexperienced people in facilities using the premises as their personal
office and using other peoples things. Yes! This could be happening to you! We
encourage you to unexpectedly show up at your facility and surprise your
cleaning crew. You will learn a lot about the credit that company claims to

Problem with most janitorial services is that the owner of the company is never
in your building. He

Whats going on?

 Problem with most janitorial services is that the owner of the company is never in your building. He sends a salesman to sell you, then he sends employees in your building based on information provided by the salesman. Never in the loop is anything relayed between you and the cleaning crew about what YOU want done and how YOU want it done. If your facility is consistently not serviced there are only a few reasons why:

  • Cleaning crew doesn't even show up
  • Untrained employees cleaning the facility
  • Cleaning crew shows up, but to do what?


You'll be in exclusive company

 When you hire Above All Janitorial you are getting what we and others feel is the best service in the area, hands down.  We are not a company that takes any client. We cannot come into a facility and solve any issues with your employees and their cleanliness, but a clean environment promotes a clean environment. We specialize in taking care of the client who has owners and employees that care about their facility and image. We do not mass market and the owners of Above All Janitorial will be the ones who come to talk to you about anything. We never send an employee to take care of any sales or problems, we even come in for some of the "dirty work". You can count on the owners being in your facility daily or weekly and you can rest assured knowing if you need to talk to us you will. We will never send an employee to your facility without the employee knowing exactly what YOU want done. We keep some exclusive company and the pictures throughout this site are those of actual clients buildings. We have had some clients for years. Why? Because they have forgotten about us and that is our goal when we sell a new client.